Wedding Cake

wedding cake

Wedding Cake Designs & Wedding Cake Ideas
How to choose one among innumerable wedding cake designs and ideas that are out there and also to keep wedding cake price at reasonable level?

Your wedding cakes design should reflect your personal style and taste and should, of course, go well with the decor and menu of your reception. Follow me and I will help you with that every single step on the way, you will feel a relief and joy as it should be in the time of preparing for your wedding day. This is a promise :-)

Wedding Cake Tips Choose one among many different wedding cake designs, only after you have selected your dress, the place for the reception, the reception decor and colors, and anything else that may affect your choice of your wedding cake design. You should try to select one of the wedding cake designs that will fit the overall theme and colors of your wedding and reception.

You could choose photo of the cake first and make everything else match that, but that approach will probably be much harder. And after you slice and serve the cake, everything that was chosen to match it is still there but the cake is history :-) Brides and grooms fool only themselves if they think that people care about the cake’s flavor and will not notice the wedding cakes designs and decorations.

Aside from the bride’s glowing face and her beautiful dress, nothing says wedding like wedding cake designs!

The unique wedding cake ideas may come from looking at the pictures of other wonderful wedding cake designs. That way you will find a cake photo that will help you design cake to enhance your reception.

Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding guests have a higher expectation of better-tasting cakes nowadays, so you need to pay special attention to the flavor of your wedding cake. On the other side brides today often are older than those of prior years and better traveled. Many have developed more sophisticated palates by having tried many ethnic foods and various cuisine in their travels. At their wedding they want wedding cake designs and food to make a personal statement about who they have become.

Should your cake be a single flavor or should each layer have a different flavor? No flavor or filling is considered off limits for a modern wedding. You can dazzle taste buds with mousse-filled cakes, cheesecakes, fruitcakes, or pound cakes. Or you may choose a standard chocolate, vanilla, orange mud, or sponge cake.

Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Cake

So, you found your favorite wedding cake desingns among houndreds of photos you went through. You decided to go for fondant icing.

Now it may be difficult to find an experienced cake decorator or pastry chef to make a good fondant cake, even though fondant cake designs are becoming increasingly popular. Fondant should be smooth with a matte sheen and no wet marks. Be sure that the cake designer(decorator)has experience in fondant icing; ask to see a few samples of cakes he or she made.
Normally, professional pastry chefs will have a showroom with a selection of false wedding cake designs on display. The bigger the display, the busier the shop. Remember to discuss in detail what differences may be expected when recreating a wedding cake design from a photograph of your choice. Very heavy cakes should be placed on a durable base of fiberboard or plywood 1/2 inch thick.

Wedding Cake at the Reception:

Plan in advance where the cake will be displayed during the reception. Make sure it's in a cool secure spot.Also, plan how the cake table will be decorated so that you have time to order special linens or flowers. Make sure the wedding cake stand, knife and toasting glasses complement your overall setting as well as your wedding cake design. The glasses used by the bride and groom to toast each other after they cut the cake are usually decorated with ribbons or flowers and placed near the cake. wedding cake